Floral Decor:

Contact us for shipping pricing, as the larger boxes are variable depending on what state they are getting shipped to. Please see the store to order cuttings to plant (available February-early April)

We strive to produce all of the products on our farm in a sustainable fashion. We have a small tributary stream, which eventually feeds a municipal water supply and a trout stream. To protect water quality and wildlife habitat, we have installed a working multifunctional riparian forest buffer. The following are some of the products that are seasonally available, and are used as cut stems for floral designs.


Cuttings Available:

  • Winterberry Holly (Cuttings are approximately 18" long and available from 11/15-12/31) 3 stems for $10
  • Willow stems - Bunches of 10 stems per bundle. $10/ bundle (Cuttings are shipped as 36". Longer may be available if picked up at the farm)
  • Red Curls
  • Corkscrew (green)
  • Yellow, straight stem
  • Pussy Willow White