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Chinese Chestnut (Castanea mollissima)

Quantity 3 – Seedlings. Shipping is included in the price.

Seedlings were started from nuts of select parent stock, grown in eastern PA. Perfect for eating or as a wildlife tree. Nuts are sweet, and are medium to large size, and fall free from the burs. These trees are hardy to at least zone 6. Chestnuts require well drained soils, and are most happy in slightly acidic soils. Nut production is best under full sun. Two or more trees are best for pollination. Chestnuts are pollinated by both insects and wind. These trees grow to 30-40 feet tall, and spread 30-40 feet in about 50 years.

1 year old seedlings, 12-20″ tall will be shipped when dormant (After October 20). Seedlings come shipped in 3x3x9 containers to be planted in the fall.

Please contact us directly for on farm pickup and custom quantity Quantities offered in the store are based on the max containers per box size.

PA Department of Ag Nursery License is available upon request. Due to quarantine regulations, we can not ship internationally or to CA, OR, WA, FL, & LA states.


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